Art in the eye of the beholder


Two of the events that I was privileged to photograph this past weekend are featured under Galleries. As is often the case I was excited that not only was I able to document an event for a good cause but there are some of the photographs from both events that go way beyond documenting and enter the realm of art.

A good friend of mine told me last night that he believes art is even more important in these days of chaos than before. Art releases feelings in our spirits, can speak volumes without a single word, show us the way without a doctrine, and release inspiration that can be applied to our own lives. Art comes in many forms; some you will get, some you won’t.

What is important is that you look at it and see the message that artist is sharing with you. Whether you agree or not isn’t the point. The point is looking and listening to the message. You can accept that message or not but to declare it junk without giving it a chance to show you its message is missing an opportunity to grow. If nothing else you learn tolerance.

This is the lesson this friend taught me a few years back. Touring art venues in NYC, sharing his own sculpture, creating a special piece just for me–after all he showed me I got it. No I don’t “like” every piece of art or “believe” everything the artist is conveying, but to acknowledge the work and see the message has opened doors in my own creative effort.

Try it, you’ll like it.

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