When a photoshoot is a bust!


Upon downloading the photos from a shoot I discovered that they just didn’t meet my standards. Many factors came into play and I am still mulling over how I would have made it work better.

The event was in a large hall with wonderful windows and nice light for about the first hour. Then the room began to fill up and lighting was such that I needed to use a flash. However, a flash only goes a few feet ahead so I chose not to use it. The result was a few photos that were good but do not represent the entire evening.

While a photo that has movement in it could be a good photo if you were looking for an artsy photo, for documenting an event I felt that the photos should be spot on and without the flash couldn’t happen. An event I photographed a few weeks earlier had a similar set up yet I was able to get in and photograph individuals up close with a flash.

The event I used a flash had the same kind of table arrangements but had more space between them. This event was packed and just getting between tables was an effort.

But the down and dirty of it is that I should have worked harder at getting in close and used my flash. Sometimes I just get so intimidated using a flash photographing up close. I just need to get over that. Now I have to take the work to the director of the event and share. Sigh



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