Rainy Days & Photography


Monday morning, grey skies, rain all night, windows open the whole night it was such a pleasant temperature. But not a day to shoot photos so working on the administrative side of the photography business. That’s the thing about any business–there is business to take care of in this business just like any other business.

Marketing oneself as a photographer takes many forms I’ve discovered and two of my favorites are working on the websites I have designed and developing a network here in Northwest Arkansas. From the very beginning, before I even got my office furniture put together (16 hours of following instructions from Denmark!), I felt that I was to offer my services to non-profits to photograph their events pro bono.

So far I have photographed three events and each one has rewarded me with a wealth of results: new friends, contacts and some photos that I consider to be much more than just a document of an event but actually are photographs that will be in my special collection I consider art pieces.

That said, back to my day of business under grey skies and gloomy rooms needing lights turned on. I hope all have a wonderful day filled with good cheer despite the gloomy skies that are producing much needed rain for our area.

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