Taking on a Challenge with a new skillset


Walking in the park today with a relatively new friend, we got to talking about this new endeavor I have started–building my photography clients a website that contains the photos of their products, and all the accessory pages needed to promote them. As I talked I began to realize just how much knowledge I have accumulated in the last two weeks.

This new work is very exciting; creating an avenue for me as a photographer to expand the services normally offered in this field to include the whole package–photographing the product, building the site to display the product, and support the site as new merchandise is produced and needs inclusion.

Another new acquaintance, a long-time photographer, said that to break into the business you have to find your niche. It feels like this just might be mine.

When this recession began building a few years back I began thinking what that means for Americans, and all folks in this world affected by this downturn, in relation to making a living for their families and being able to do what they love and get paid for it. From the beginning I heard in my head, “This is a time of opportunity; a way for America to come back to their roots, get off the grind, offer a product made in America and with a better perspective on consumer needs, take care of their families.”

Over the past year developments in my life have led me to this place I grew up in to reestablish myself here as a photographer, and to be able to utilize the skills I have using photography, computers and the Internet.

Looking back is always a good exercise, to see where you were a year ago. What a difference a year can make!

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