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It is like I tell my granddaughter: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time and you enjoy each bite, savor it, feel the texture, and think on the different flavors of each area.

Any new thing you take up requires a learning curve. My photography teacher David Alan Harvey still has learning curves and Mr. Harvey has been shooting since he was a teenager.

Moving from Maui after 21 years, reestablishing our family here in NW Arkansas, creating a new endeavor to support us–all have learning curves. But as it says above, take one bite at a time and enjoy each moment of it.

This new slant to my photography–product websites that encourages economic growth on a local level–incorporates all of my skills that I have developed through the years. As much as I enjoy shooting photos I find the web-based side of it just as exciting. My career path started out with an electric typewriter in 1975 typing papers for University of Arkansas students. I remember one Ph.D. Philosophy student whose dissertation I typed. I actually had to place a ruler under each line he talked in such circles.

From that beginning with that small electric typewriter I grew over the years until I surfaced in the age of digital photography. And I find that nothing is wasted. Even the job of filing, though not a favorite, keeps required paperwork in order.

Now I am helping folks sell the products that their passion drives them to produce. Check out Dottie’s site at Dottie and I met at War Eagle Fair this year and although we had never met, within 5 minutes we were collaborating in a vision barely seen and probably, based on my experience in life, haven’t even begun to tap into. 

If you need help with getting your product in the public eye, my photography skills combined with knowledge of website building can produce results you want–cash. Give me a call at 808-269-0271 or email me at eelprod at

It is now time for America to take back her economy and truly take care of her citizens, each one of us realizing our contribution and taking pride in our part of her economic recovery.


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