That space called Grace..


Waking up this morning, pre-dawn, lying there talking with God about all the people in my life that I am thankful for, and as the list of folks I’m thankful for and the prayers that went up for each one formed in my mind, I heard a special message: to live with others in that space called Grace.

When we are drawn together as humans, to share our lives in various fashions, there are opportunities to make a difference in each other’s lives. In this private pre-dawn conversation it was so clear just how important it is to allow this space called Grace into our hearts, to let go of all those restrictions and barriers–to see, really see the person behind the race, culture, religious, political or social exterior.

My belief is that God works in each of us and brings us together to share what we have learned. If we spend all our timeĀ promulgatingĀ a message stuck on just how we see life and are not open to the way others live, we stagnate and create discord and strife in this life.

When we are intent on a purpose our focus becomes extremely narrow. It seems almost a necessity to us in order for that dream to come to fruition. We lump everything and everyone that we feel is against our purpose as evil, and they join the ranks of ones to protest against.

Remember to step into that space called Grace next time you feel the need to declare something an absolute. Step into that space called Grace and see the whole picture. Only then can we really do the good we were put here to do. Only then can that inspiration, that dream, do good for this world and not harm.

Without the whole picture, nothing is clear and our message gets lost. The good purpose behind our work dies and nothing is accomplished. All we have done is beat the drum, offered no true solution and added to the discord and fed the media its fodder.

I heard something a while back on the radio, “We are right until the moment we realize we are wrong.”

If you really have a good message, a good solution, there is no reason to fear the hearing of all sides, the taking into consideration the message “the other side” has to share.




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