Keeping Things in Order


Ever had a day when everything that could come to a head does?

A day when you make bad judgment calls and find yourself alienating those you love the most?

Lying in bed this morning talking with God about all that had happened yesterday, I finally just gave it all up to Him. I said, “Take it, I can’t figure it out.” Then got up and started cleaning house. As I finished straightening up the dish towel drawer I said to my daughter, “I have straightened up the towel drawer. It always feels better when I get things in order.”

How important is it to keep things in order? Is a messy environment a true reflection of your life? If your house is in chaos is it because your life is in chaos?

Over the years I have been a very orderly person and kept a clean house, even the garage.

Has keeping my house in order kept me on an orderly track in my life? Yes and no. Keeping an orderly living space makes for an easier working life–you know where the scissors are when you need them if you put them back when you are finished using them, avoiding frustrations that create stress in a home. But I still get messy with my relationships. Jump to conclusions, allow irritations to build up till they burst out, and my anger to inflict harm on my life and others.

Humans are messy and I am as human as the next one. Do I beat myself up about it or do like I did this morning giving it up to God and getting back to work?

So I say, ask forgiveness from God and those you hurt and get back to living the wonderful life we have the great pleasure of living.




And yes, it is important to keep things in order, in our houses, minds and hearts.


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