Spice of Life


There is a point in your life, from my experience, that you begin to experience and enjoy more of the spice of life than in your younger years. When you have more understanding, appreciation and acceptance than those years when you were raising your family and being a young adult.

As the years have gone by, especially since 2000, my appreciation of people and their situations has grown immensely; seeing them through the lens of my camera, getting to know them well enough so I could fade into the background while shooting them, recognizing the person they are beneath the walls and boundaries they erect in normal every day life.

I think what has increased the most in my dealings with people is empathy, the ability to walk in their shoes, to see their side of the story.

Some would say that is due to my sign, Libra, able to see all sides, lady of justice. Maybe that has something to do with it. What I do know is that the day I heard that small voice in my head that said, “Walk in his shoes.” was the beginning of a journey that is on-going. Because it wasn’t just for me to see the other side of the marital issues my husband and I were having, it was for the bigger picture–to see what it was like to be on the other side of the lens, to see my subjects’ life from their side.

It doesn’t stop with photography; when you begin the practice of seeing life from all perspectives you develop a sense of empathy that extends to everyone you meet–family, friends, those you become involved with on a very personal basis. When you can let go of yourself enough to allow the “seeing” of the other person, that is when the spice of life is revealed.

Once you know someone for who they really are, the doors open. That is when the spice of life that they hold is shared and both your lives becomes better.

Spices, throughout the ages, have held great value. Find the spice of life in those you love and care about. Share the spice, especially in this special season in celebration of Jesus’ birth.

One of the major consequences of the spice trade was the discovery of the American Continent by European explorers. Look for the spice of life in those around you.

Discover a new continent of love that comes from that discovery.



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