Invisible Threads


Have you ever followed the threads of connection between people, networks, or interests to the point you find yourself now? The threads were invisible as they formed and didn’t show themselves until the path had been followed and you were at a definitive moment.

Think about your life and how you got to where you are now. Create a mental roadmap, or draw it out on paper, of all the links and networks that brought you to where you are at this moment. Go back several years and see if there are any threads from way back that helped create the path you now find yourself traveling.

A job I volunteered to shoot back in October is a good example of how threads form.

A relationship has formed with a person I met while working the event that I would never have envisioned as I was taking his photo.

I am serving on a committee for this non-profit on another year-long fundraising effort that exposes me to more opportunities with my photography.

A few days back I shot another assignment that came from a lead from that same event. From that job there is a possibility to add to a photo series that I began two years ago and was beginning to think had stalled permanently and would have to be shelved.

That volunteer event was brought to my attention by a woman that I had rented a vacation rental from when I began to vacation in Arkansas for extended stays of 1-2 months. She is now a very good friend.

I followed each thread in faith, knowing in my spirit that I was supposed to.

The point of this post is to encourage you not to get lost in the details of life, and to have faith that each event in your life is leading you to where you are to go next. And each destination is just one more stepping stone to the next one. Of course, there is the opposite reality of those that blindly and without thought or asking for help, make stupid choice after stupid choice–this is not the realm I am talking about here.

If you keep yourself free from worry (remember that worrying does not solve a problem and if a problem cannot be solved worrying won’t help) and give it up to God to help you in all your situations (of course doing the work you need to do not just thinking it will develop like the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow), you will develop a personal sense of peace that resides deep in your spirit and becomes unshakable.

So watch those threads and follow them through your lifespan. The more aware you are of how these threads work the more you can develop them on a conscious level. Practice this and you will prosper.

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