The owner of the salon that does my hair is considering whether or not to create a web page to increase their business. The shop has been in business since the 80’s. Father and son have worked together since the beginning.

Long hair in the son’s hands, with curls added, was an art form. Curls are coming back; curls have been out so long that new stylists don’t have the expertise this stylist does.

Then there is his skill with color; he uses tricks other stylists say are impossible. However, his results are proof positive that he is an expert with color.

But like everyone in business now they are struggling. Looking for a way to increase sales they are considering whether or not to invest in marketing by utilizing the Internet.

The father, until this past week when I sent him to the Internet to research what was going on with other shops, had never visited a website. He doesn’t email, google, or search for information, and surprisingly neither does the son. Totally foreign concept to most of us but obviously to some in business, not unusual at all.

When this shop opened it was easy to market your products; the yellow pages was an amazing marketing tool, as were radio and print ads in newspapers. However, with the shift in technology to where everyone and their dog has an iPhone, or at the very least high speed Internet at home, the yellow pages and newspaper ads have slipped in their position to bring in customers in favor of the Internet.

Working with this gentleman has caused me to have to reconsider marketing–that is, marketing the Internet to those that have no knowledge of the workings of this amazing resource. Meeting someone with this lack of knowledge of the avenues available with the Internet has caused me to shift a bit in my thinking, retrofitting it if you will.

Shifting my view so that I can understand what their hesitation is all about in coming into this new age.

Shifting seems to be the catch word for me this year. A fellow blogger encouraged all to find the word that represents this new year and it seems to be shifting for me. If we don’t learn how to shift, there is the danger of being left behind and many times run over. Shifting our attitudes, our emotions, the way we deal with others–all require shifting to remain in touch and grow, in business or your personal life.

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