Mopping Your Floors


Today I decided to mop floors. When I mop I think and since I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to think about, my mind was free to come up with whatever it wanted. There were so many options; and as it turned out none could be answered today.

I remember in 2007, just beginning to transition into a new single lifestyle, being so confused that absolutely nothing made sense. So much confusion in fact that I finally went into my closet and laid my head down on the window sill at the end of it and just cried out, “I don’t understand!”

This vision of a train came; starting in the far right peripheral view, it was your typical transport train with hundreds of cars behind powerful engines. As the cars came into view I begin to see words on each one. Kentucky, Arkansas, travel, photography…options. Options I had no idea how any of them would turn out but so clear that the options were plentiful; the only thing that could be done was to let it all go and see which one materialized.

Sometimes things are just not as they seem; in fact, most situations when they are first introduced are not what they seem. Like this photo of a house reflected in a pool, sometimes they look right side up but in fact are reversed.

So mop the floors and let the time go by; being productive but not pushing any agenda. There are so many things we want to change in our life but have no control over. That’s where waiting comes in, and letting go of the need to know.

I may not have found the answers to unvoiced questions but my floors are clean for whatever is coming.



And hopefully, I follow the wisdom of Rumi and allow love to be my travel guide: “Close the language door, and open the love window. The moon won’t use the door, only the window.”




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