Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own town? Wasn’t there an actress that owned a town in Texas? If I remember correctly, owning her own town ended disastrously for her.

Looking through some old travel photos I found this photo of the water tower in Leeville that I snapped driving on an interstate somewhere on one of my many road trips. I believe it was in Louisiana, somewhere way south, maybe down by Grand Isle.

If I owned a town, I would have lots of street festivals, special events, parties, invite all the best photographers to visit. Maybe host a photography festival every six months.

Create fun things to do that make people happy and want to stay in your town. Folks that because of all the joy they receive just being there don’t mind paying their fair share to maintain the infrastructure and help those that need it.

And, maybe I would say no more working for money. Everything you needed you traded for with someone that had something you needed. For example, apples for oranges, haircuts for dog services, vet services for medical treatment, and home repairs for fresh homemade pies.

Dreaming….I think there are communes that operate on this principle. I wonder if they still exist?

Just spinning a yarn on an afternoon with things that I could be doing but don’t want to do and things I want to do that are not possible yet. Sigh. I am glad it is Friday. Weekends are really wonderful, especially when the weather is as nice as it is of late.

Enjoy your weekend! And the gorgeous weather!


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