Relationships come and go; especially friendships. All types of them dodge in and out of your life over the course of a lifetime. Facebook reminds me of just how many I have forgotten and moving to a new state keeps me reminded of how many I have yet to make.

In the world of photography, I have friends I have never seen face to face, except on Skype. Others I see on rare occasions of gathering together in the celebration of photography. Just about any of them I could call on if I was in their area and we could get together and have a good meet up.

For about six years I was immersed in the circles of Whirling Dervishes–photographing, traveling, visiting, and turning with them. Now I rarely see one, although I keep in touch with lots of them through Facebook and email.

Almost seven months have elapsed since moving our family lock, stock and barrel back to the land of my birth and youth. Relationships are beginning to form that make me feel like I am solidly here now instead of just vacationing.

Leaving behind my good friends Maile, Lisa, Betsy, Cynthia, Catherine, John & Deanna was probably the hardest part of moving. But relationships forming in this new home are filling up the pukas (holes) left by that leaving. A good friend has been made and a love relationship seems to be fairly solid now–proof that new relationships are forming and more are probably on their way.

People you meet when you travel to faraway lands, folks you know you will probably never see again, make huge impressions on you and are never forgotten. These kinds of relationships add so much flavor and impress you with so much hope.

The beauty in the creation of relationships is a thing to marvel at, and how they shift and morph as the years go by. There are those that pass on to the next realm, whether that be through true death (as with my friend Cynthia¬†photo right) or the death of a friendship. Sometimes friendships (as in marriages) just die on the vine–they are outgrown, interest is lost or true character is revealed.

What I do know for sure about relationships is that without them life would be extremely boring, and I am grateful for the life that I have that includes so many precious, exciting and adventurous ones. I thank God for all of them.

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