Freedom in the Whispers


During the blacklisting of American writers, filmmakers and actors in the 50’s, Donald Trumbo stood for what he believed in–the First Amendment. He went to jail (one of the ten), went broke, his children suffered, had an Oscar given to a fictitious person for “The Brave One”, wrote under dozens of pseudonyms to continue earning money to feed his family, and in 1960 was finally given his Oscar for “The Brave One”.

When I learn of individuals who have lost their freedom that is guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in order to maintain their personal integrity, I wonder about today’s world and the current freedoms slowly being eroded away.

America is in a war with herself. Regulation, deregulation; privacy rights and right of the government to know what you are doing; being self-sufficient and the government requiring you submit to their protections; medical insurance requirements against your will–just a few of the ways our freedoms are being taken away. All of these situations arose out of someone’s cry that we needed protection by the government.

People shout from podiums that the rights that are inherent to all Americans are being taken away by the liberal left, the fundamental right, and all ways of thinking in between. With all the shouting that state and religion should be kept separate and the mantra to bring morality back into our government, my head throbs with the confusion and disgust I feel for all these screaming maniacs.

God doesn’t scream, he whispers. That’s why I know the screamers at the podiums do not have the truth and cannot lead us anywhere. Yesterday, I heard a favorite speaker of mine say, “If you interrupt people it is due to pride–the pride of thinking you know better and more than the person speaking.”

Listen for the whispered words that God speaks to each of us. His agenda is that we each fulfill what we were gifted to fulfill in this life. Getting involved in the constant distractions of this crazy world and following the screamers is what keeps us from our path.

Listen for whispers and figure out your path that has been laid out for you. Forget about changing others; change yourself, protect your freedoms by understanding what it means to have freedom. Be free in your spirit by filling your heart with love of others; it is hard to hate someone you love. It is even harder to refuse another person’s freedoms when you see them in the light of love.



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