Hack job, and a kettle of fish


Checking my inbox yesterday I had 17 emails that were returned due to bad addresses. That was my first tip off. The second clue was in the body of the email that was returned; all that was in the email was a link to a site selling male enhancement medicine through a Canadian Pharmacy.

The enormity of the hack job soon became evident as not long after responses began arriving. Friends began to respond and tell me they believed my account had been hi-jacked, a virus had gotten into my computer, and those that wanted to know if “..I was trying to tell them something!”

It’s unfortunate that with each new wonderful thing introduced there are those that wish to do harm with it. This incident was relatively harmless, a bit embarrassing but harmless. But it really brings into focus again the dangers that are everywhere.

Normal folks like you and me want to use the Internet to connect with friends, develop our business, research our genealogy, and use it for what it was purposed to be.

Those that do not care about privacy, stealing information, creating havoc, and in general being butt holes, selfishly and maliciously hack accounts, install viruses into people’s computers and steal copyrighted materials. Recently, with SOPA (the law under consideration for protecting intellectual rights of the producers of songs and movies, etc.) everyone’s back raised up in opposition, saying the government does not need to be restricting usage of something that is supposed to be available to everyone.

I wrote letters to my representatives, too; the bill was badly written and put innocent folks at risk. However, as a photographer and wishing to keep my photos in my own possession (and in general feel safe about using my email account), I feel it is important that those that impose risk and danger and steal copyrighted materials should be given a lifelong sentence of no access to the Internet!

The Internet has opened up a huge kettle of fish; hopefully, the good guys will win out. I guess the government will no doubt want to create a committee to determine the guidelines for “good guys.” And that, of course, will open up a whole ‘nother kettle of fish!


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