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Business as usual, business comes first, it’s my business, none of your business, just do your business. There are so many phrases that contain business.

Business as usual is the one that catches my attention at this time in my life. Because business as usual doesn’t cut it anymore in this economy.

Shift is coming; a shift from the business as usual. Without that shift life as usual would wither and die. To keep our lives–our usual, ordinary and lovely lives–going strong and true, we must shift with the times.

What does that mean in the ordinary lives of us normal every day people? It means, in my humble opinion, that to ignore the obvious changes necessary to advance to a higher level of living is a death blow to our economy and lifestyles we love here in this country that we love.

For those of us in business, aside from revisiting our business plans and cutting fat and changing our vision on how we get paid, it also means supporting local businesses in our purchases and services. Business as usual for most Americans means running to the closest importer of the cheapest and most foreign products.

A shift for America, again in my humble opinion, is a shift back to creating the goods we need here in America in America. I have this theory, and when I express it I am always surprised at the responses I get. Some say it will never happen because people are going to go for the cheapest thing, that the huge corporations that I believe could lead this shift won’t do it. Others agree but feel they have no voice, no power. Some are doing it, shifting to American made products. If the large corporations that now control the goods that are sold nationwide, began a shift back to buying American, within a few short years the issues in our economy would begin to clear and America’s economy would be stronger.

What we as citizens of this country keep forgetting is that the power lies within us. Our pocketbooks (and some would say at the voting booth) and requirements of our employers are what can make that shift. I hear the whining because a shirt made in America costs more than a shirt made overseas in a sweat shop. How our employers won’t give us all the benefits we feel we deserve. Our government is the worst offender; creating heavier and heavier tax loads to support wars and corporations that do not benefit our country. It is time they begin to mind their own business. Check out this site:¬†

I am not free of this complacency either; in my life there are times when I give in and just buy whatever is easier and cheaper. But this year I am working on shifting more and more away from that behavior. In posting this opinion, and it is just my opinion and opinions are cheap if not backed up with action, I hope to get folks to begin to consider their purchasing power and begin to bring back America’s power for her people.

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