Genetic Memory


The saga continues in the gardening opportunity and the plot is shaping up. The potatoes are planted, as well as the peas. Today I finished prepping the lettuce, spinach and swiss chard bed and got half of it planted.

My childhood was filled with gardens.  Mom had gardens in several places we lived–huge gardens! I remember toting water from the house to the garden, ladling out cupfuls around mature plants. Planting this garden has brought back a lot of memories; for example, I still remember how to plant potatoes.

Whether that is a memory from my Scottish genes or childhood, it came back quickly how to plant them. The cutting of the seed potatoes and how important it is to mound dirt around the plants as they grow, all seemed like second nature.

My friend who has so generously allowed me to garden on her property told me today of several issues that might come up over the next weeks. One is rabbits; so we set a live trap in hopes that we can catch the ones that are in the yard already and drive them to the country when we catch them. Japanese Beetles, predictions of a hot summer, squirrels …..

Planning ahead is the key; building a fence possibly around the garden, researching the best way to avoid damage from pests with organic practices. Mulching to preserve moisture around the plants. Hopefully, in six weeks or so we will be harvesting bounty and serving lovely meals like the one pictured to the right that was served to me in Israel. So far it has been very labor intensive (it feels great to be working in the dirt with gardening utensils) with very little actual cash outlay. This just might very well work out!


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