Moose turd crafts & unique fashion statements!


Near Bangor, Maine, back in 2009, I attended a weekend annual Organic fair for arts, agriculture and crafts. The usual vendor types were there: food, political groups, hypnotists and musicians. But this one lady outdid them all. She sold Christmas ornaments, clocks, earrings, and countless other items, created from shellacked moose turds! Seriously.

A huge model of a moose stood in her tent and she would raise its tail up and down like a pump handle, demonstrating how the animal poops and what it looks like in a pile. Ok. So that is TMI?

There seems to be no limit to people’s imagination when it comes to the free market system in America. I couldn’t help wondering how she first came upon the idea. She said, “I was looking for a marketable item that utilized natural materials and was abundant. Voila. I began to see Moose turds everywhere! And that is how I came upon the idea to use them in crafts.”

Still, think about it. So there are plentiful turds but it is a stretch of imagination to come up with an idea of how to use them except as garden fertilizer! I visualized the clock the woman created with the poop as the time indicators above a fireplace in a cabin in the north woods. She guaranteed it would not deteriorate from the heat and begin to smell.

Later, I spotted the woman in the photo to the left. I love the colors purple and orange, and have somewhat of a like for paisley, and large brimmed Australian style hats are quite appealing. Combining all of these elements into one outfit and wearing it out in public? Takes courage! I followed her some distance thinking maybe she was part of an entertainment troupe but she turned out to be just a regular fair goer. Oh to be a fly on her wall when she got home to put other strange colors and patterns together from the items she purchased at the fair! She no doubt felt quite at ease with her fashion statement, and in fact, was oblivious to people’s stares.

Ordinary folks doing out of the ordinary things. Coming up with ideas to make it through tough financial times, creating a signature style that makes them happy, and in general doing their own thing. I find it refreshing. The desire to craft goods out of animal poop or wear paisley knee high socks with an orange scarf isn’t in me. Or carry a HUGE purple shiny purse with the long shoulder strap!

I do, however, like walking on walls above sidewalks, balancing on curbs to see how long I can walk along them without slipping off, and shooting photos in cemeteries in the full moon. Skipping, eating peanut butter and syrup sandwichs with large slices of summer tomato on top, and visiting cemeteries witching for the dead (metal rods held loosely in your hand align with the direction the dead are buried).

The point being, look for and enjoy the diversity; allow the unique creative spirit God implants in all of us to express itself without judgment. You will find life quite spectacular and much more entertaining if you do! AND DON’T FORGET TO SHOOT SOME PHOTOS SO YOU CAN BLOG ABOUT IT! OR CREATE A PHOTO ESSAY ON THE UNIQUENESS OF MANKIND.

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