Ever feel like you are forgetting something?


There are times in my life when I have to look down to see if my body is traveling with me. Maybe that is an exaggeration but I think most of you readers can relate. Packing for a trip, or getting your photo equipment together to go on a shoot, you check and double-check to see if you have forgotten something.

Life’s pace can keep you scattered, wondering what you have forgotten to do before you left the house. Especially young families with children in school, or business owners juggling work and family. Between the requirements for the government (whatever happened to the paper reduction act?), school activities and keeping meals prepared for your family, it’s no wonder you have to check to see if your socks match!

In the summer of 2009 I adopted a new policy regarding lists. I now have a “never to do list” and at the top of that list is “to do lists”. Of course, without my phone and it’s calendar feature I would probably miss a lot of things I have scheduled in my life. Regularly scheduled meetings like the Writer’s Group on Fridays would probably be forgotten without that distinctive alarm feature an hour before I am to arrive.

How ever you keep track of your obligations, don’t forget to take time for yourself. Without those breaks to take care of yourself you will slowly wear down, until you have to take a break or collapse. Be kind to yourself, sit in front of a nice window or out under a shade tree, drink a cup of your favorite beverage and have a little chocolate. Sometimes just an hour, or forty-five minutes, of alone time to contemplate your naval is all that is needed to rejuvenate yourself.

It also helps to remember that, “Worry sees the problem; faith sees the God who can handle the problem.” When we take that time to check in with ourselves and Him, our lives flow smoother, and joy has a chance to emerge and life can be enjoyed as it was intended.



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