Outside My Window: Love, Light, Color & Mood


Sunrises and Sunsets. Every day there is one of each. Some are so spectacular they stop you in your tracks, making you forget to even raise your camera up and shoot. Then there are the moments when you have camera in hand, at just the right spot because you planned it or just happened upon it and you catch that perfect moment.

Living in Maui there were moments like these every day. But at one point I began to think there was nothing to shoot in Maui, that I had to leave the island to find anything of interest. That’s when the idea came to me to shoot a series of photos entitled: “Outside My Window: Love, Light, Color & Mood.” This series opened my eyes to things I had become blind to.

Early morning in Maui, outside my window, has never been equaled. Oh, I’ve seen many breathtakingly beautiful places; however, there is a sweetness to Maui that wins it #1 Island in a popular travel magazine every year. Even with all the development, tourists, and increasing urbanization, the true beauty of her cannot be diminished.

One morning, just before dawn, I had my 100-400mm lens on a tripod and saw the lights of the cruise ship coming into view, crossing right in front of my view about 1/2 mile away. It was still dark but with slow shutter speed the photo to the right was captured.

The moon never failed to take my breath away. Rising over the ocean, setting over the West Maui Mountains behind our home, she spoke volumes to me about life. One of my favorite phases is the one I call the blessing moon, at its smallest phase but placed like a bowl in the heavens to hold all that is waiting for me to receive.

This night I caught my first really detailed moon. Over the years I learned how to capture her without splashing her out–sometimes with a dark sky and sometimes with that gorgeous blue like you see in the ship photo.

And the next morning you wake up to another sunrise you manage to capture and and know that God has such a wonderful sense of beauty to be able to create a different scene each morning. That gives me hope like nothing else. To know that the possibilities for life are as endless as God’s palette of creation.

So look outside your window, and see the beauty that is just waiting for you to see. Don’t become immune to it; immerse yourself and see what is waiting for you to discover. Love, life, color and mood! They are all waiting for you!

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