Things that are for certain…


“They” say, “There are only two things for certain: death and taxes.” I’ve run across a few other things that are certain and as I drove up in my drive just now I decided to share them with you.

For certain you will stick your foot in your mouth at some point in any given period of time–a week, an hour, a day.

For certain you will wake up in the middle of the night at some point in any given period of time, and remember something you wish you could keep forgetting.

For certain you will have an “ah ha” moment that was so obvious to everyone else, and for some unknown reason remained hidden until it suddenly became crystal clear to you.

For certain you will recognize your parent starring back in the mirror, usually around the age you begin to notice your age, and remember all the things you said that they said that you said you “would never say.”

For certain as soon as you realize you’ve done something dumb you will realize it can’t be taken back and you will live with the repercussion.

For certain, through all the goofy, just pure dumb crap you pull every day, God is there to make it all ok. The repercussions may keep rolling in even with His Grace, but it is all ok.

Thank God.


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