Helping Hands


Traveling has introduced me to the many different spirits of helping. From foreign ones encountered in Israel, where I shot the photo of this painting, to the Creative Referral Network that meets every Friday at Firehouse Sub off of Joyce St. in Fayetteville, AR. (Check out their Facebook page and join them on Friday mornings–it is a great family! Since moving to Fayetteville the summer of 2011, I have gradually become a part of the scene and many helping hands have emerged.

My friend Rebecca with her kind offer of space to put in a garden. My faithful car finally saying “I must be repaired” and as I waited with the hood up had several offers of help. In the Friday morning meeting of the Creative Referral Network, I witness helping hands every week. My new friend Pam Baker, a social worker for Department of Human Services, was just the recipient of a generous outpouring of help with donations to support a child in baseball and multiple stuffed toys to comfort children in crisis.

This past week as I stood up to present my 60-90 second “commercial” for my business, I revealed something they did not know about me. I told them of my abilities in office management and organization. That if anyone had any work in this area it would be wonderful to have that income to fill in while my photography business built up.

After the meeting I had several folks come up and tell me they would love to share anything they find in this area and would keep me in mind. One was Mary Minton, who has just started the ultimate helping hands with her website She has just launched her site to help single moms, and anyone who knows a single mom, in finding the best deals and the folks that treat them with integrity in their business. She also said she would try to do something to help me.

Helping hands, they are everywhere. Be one and accept those that are offered. But especially, BE ONE.


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