Looking for the ultimate peace


The photo above is one I took at NWACC History Fair, much like a Science Fair but representing things in history. First on my schedule was shooting the performances based upon historical events. Many were outstanding but this one touched my heart more than the others. The young girl portrays the wife of a soldier who is at Pearl Harbor and she has just heard the news of the bombing by the Japanese.

In today’s rather antagonist atmosphere against any display of faith or belief in God, I was surprised when she got down on her knees as soon as she heard the news on the radio. Being thousands of miles away from the event, not knowing where her husband was during the attack, if he survived or was killed, she did the only thing she could do–pray.

Being a performance you may be thinking how can I use this as a blog about looking for the ultimate peace. It is indeed just a performance but the key here is that these young girls that wrote and performed this 5 minute skit had an understanding of what a person would need to do to get through the enormous stress of the day the second world war was instigated.

It represents for me the many times in my own life when I am clueless as to the next step in my life. The way that I remain in peace is by looking up and receiving the ultimate peace–God’s. Because I can’t do this alone. Let go of your prejudices against religion and realize Jesus did not come to us to establish a religion. It isn’t about religion, it is about a force that we can’t even begin to imagine that is working for us if we allow it. God. Because we can’t do it alone.

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