Courage to be what God gifted you to be


Fayetteville’s Farmer’s Market is a constant source of inspiration. You that have the nerve to sit amongst total strangers and play musical instruments and sing with an open instrument case at your feet for donations–I salute you!

This young boy is just one of many musicians I see there every Saturday. His voice was a bit timid but this is the first time I have seen him on the square and as I have witnessed with others, hopefully as he gains experience his confidence will grow.

Each and everyone of us has a gift. I’ve spoken of this before. One example was the┬ácomedienne who for years couldn’t believe, nor his family, that he could make a living in stand-up comedy. But until he stepped out and followed the promptings in his spirit he failed at all the careers he undertook.

My gift in photography came later in life, too. As did my confidence to put out to the public the writings featured on this blog and under Photography Tips. My earlier career was in administration and office and construction management. All work that dealt with schedules, papers, government agencies, and employees.

This work is totally different, and so refreshing. For one thing, I get to meet so many new people and experience so much more in life than what my previous career allowed. For that I am so thankful.

It feels like I have finally allowed those gifts that God gave me to manifest. I trust and have faith that His guidance to this particular place in life is where I am supposed to be.

This faith allows peace to reside deep within me and keep me stable in a world that screams at us daily to be afraid, be very afraid!

I am not afraid. God is here, He is faithful, and no matter where this road takes me or what happens, I know His presence will get me through. Don’t forget to look up and check in with Him to see if you are working in the Gifts He gave you.

Courage is something most of us don’t really relate to in our every day life. We think of courage in terms of POW’s or soldiers fighting wars or someone battling a debilitating disease. But courage manifests every day in the small things of life. The courage to sing in an open forum like the young boy above. The courage to join a writing group without an invitation and learning you are more than welcome. The courage to apply for a position that might seem to be a bit outside your experience level. The courage to help someone who is on the outside of society but needs your help. The courage to volunteer to teach folks the art of photography, not knowing what kind of person will show up.

Courage comes in all shapes and sizes. From the very large courage needed to stand up to the degradation of a prisoner of war camp, to the very small courage needed to offer a helping hand to a stranger.

Courage–without it we do not tap into the things God has waiting for us when we step out and trust that we are doing what we need to do. Be courageous, be who you were designed to be.

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