“My Journey With the Whirling Dervishes of America”


The book is finally ready for the color proof–it heads out to the printer next week. Once that is approved, the printer prints it up and 4-6 weeks later it is sitting in my living room!

It has been an incredible journey. Not sure what to think about the ending of this process. And it has been a process.

From the journey itself, learning about unconditional love, forgiveness, growing in times of pain–all of it got me to where I am now–in a place of blissful peace. Knowing that I kept going with it and not giving in to the doubt and insecurity that popped up on more than one occasion, is something I thank God for helping me achieve.

For those that wish to view what the book is all about, go to

http://journeywiththewhirlingdervishes.com/?page_id=313 and read all about it.

I’m exhausted but exhilarated! Think I will go out and get some sun!



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