Doing what you are good at…


Today someone asked me again why I want to make my living with photography. Did I want to make my passion my livelihood? YES! Is my answer.

I was just watching an episode of Joyce Meyer, one of her Reader’s Picks for the year. She said, “If you are miserable doing the job you are doing, and it is bringing in good money, what good is it to you? Why not find a job you love, make less money and have more joy?”

Why not indeed. There isn’t much in the way of photography that doesn’t interest me. My latest fun thing is focusing more on product photography. This is more than just the challenge of shooting an inanimate object and making it look sexy. It also goes deeper, into the realm of helping folks make a living with a product that is produced in America.

I am not a landscape photographer, but I can take a good landscape photo and love doing it. I profess not to do weddings but there are weddings I will photograph due to the sheer elegance of the culture or calm demeanor of the bride and groom. There are many different situations in life that are fascinating to see and photograph. Saying no is something that rarely happens with me. I have said no to weddings so far, except for the one of my friend’s daughter shown in the photo on the right. However, even that is subject to the type and style of the wedding and the attitude of the participants.

Projects such as a huge windmill site on the side of the West Maui Mountains offer an opportunity to not just take good photos for the customer, but to also help spread the word about alternative energy. Photos you do for a client can serve as a way to spread the word about a subject such as alternative energy just by being on your site.

Yes, photography is my passion. It helps spread the word about so many things. Photography captures life and life is good. There are so many aspects to the game of photography; to be able to claim a livelihood with so fabulous a tool is astounding to me. The challenges presented by each new client create opportunities for growth in my skills and knowledge.

Find your passion, find your joy. A life lived without either of these components is dull and the stress of that can kill you. Find joy, find life.

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