Photos that show the potential of a property


An out of town landlord called me the other day with a rush job on getting photos of his house to put back on the rental market. Knowing what I know of the rental market (I’ve just this year rented a house for the first time in 20+ years), I was prepared for what the house would look like. Renters are extremely hard on a property and with owners being out of town and relying on their property managers to maintain them, properties can become worn out looking quickly.

But there is a way to present the property so that prospective renters will at least come and view the property. Once on site a prospective tenant can then see the pros and cons for themselves and make a decision based upon what they see with their own eyes. As everyone knows, Photoshop can fix anything; but once that prospective tenant is on a property that has been obviously cleaned up with this program, their reactions can range from anger to losing trust in all rental properties.

So how do you present a property that is in obvious disorder from previous tenants, get that prospect in to at least see their options, and be a win win for both parties?

A photographer who knows those areas of the home that make the decision for that tenant is key. Kitchens are very important, as are sources of natural light. Bathrooms that are cheerful and have a clean shower and countertops and flooring, even in a home that is not in the best of shape, really helps.

Features like a wood burning stove that is attractive will let the person know that even if all power is knocked out in an ice storm, their family has an added element of safety with your home. In the photo above of the deck, this photo allows the person to see the potential that is there. Never mind that the large yard around it is needing some help with the landscape, the person sees the potential.

The home featured in this blog post, if lived in by an owner and maintained like a homeowner who loves their property would keep it, would be spectacular. From the lovely rock entry with the skylight, to the bar set up for the living room that is perfect for entertaining, to the huge kitchen that opens up into a large area that is great for that entertaining–this house is a great place.

But, prospective tenants need to be able to see that property’s assets, and viewing photos that feature the assets before seeing the property first hand helps them get to that place. Yes, when they walk in they will see the stained carpets, the bar top with water rings, and the fogged window in the back bedroom. However, preparing them by showing them the best of the place with photos will help ease their mind into a more open place for seeing themselves in your home. A walk-in closet in a master bedroom that has two large windows with trees outside–all these little features go a long way to helping a prospect become a long-term tenant.

Call me and let me show your home in its best light. My prices are excellent, I work quickly and get the job uploaded to Dropbox for you in sometimes as little as four hours. Call at 479-879-1688. You will be glad you did.

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