Happy Father’s Day–and Take Lots of Photos!


There’s a training for helping you get through things that make you kind of crazy. It is take a breath and wait. And wait some more. Count to 100 if you have to. Just know that acting impetuously can create more harm than the steam relief you felt by jumping in.

So, take a breath, let it out slowly, keep calm, those ambushers are going to give up and go away and not a single shot will have to be fired!

Don’t get your knickers in a wad; six months down the road the landscape will look so different you won’t believe it is the same route you drove that last cattle drive over.

Though I don’t advocate smoking to ease the tension, find that special thing that helps you cope. Chocolate works, as does a good cup of coffee with your feet up on the lawn chair in the early morning light. As my friend Trudee likes to say, this too shall pass.

Happy father’s day to all of you who have the wonderful blessing of a father that is still alive or in your life. Many young people today do not have that blessing–you might want to share.

There is a bumper sticker on the slot where my front license plate would go if Arkansas required two: Write your sorrows in sand and your blessings in stone. I count my blessings and am chiseling them in stone right now. Off to a swim/bbq party at a friend’s house. Chicken, fresh dug potatoes, squash on the grill, with tomatoes and peppers and fresh peach pie I just pulled out of the oven an hour ago! Happy Father’s Day!

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