Double for our trouble…

It was a shock to see the huge turnout for this new thing called Bikes, Blues & BBQ upon my return to NW Arkansas. Two years, this will be my third, I have attended this event, once while visiting here and last year after I had moved back to Fayetteville from Maui. One of the interesting things about this event is the comments I have heard from locals. Those who benefit financially and those that love motorcycles look forward and embrace it; those that have neither of these qualities dislike and barely tolerate it, some to the point that they leave town that weekend.

I remember as a resident of Fayetteville in the ’80’s, how perturbed I was that “my town” was taken over by the raucous fans in the area for game day, especially the weekend we played Texas–back when we played Texas. After moving to Texas in ’84, and forgetting about football games, many times I was without¬†accommodations when I returned for a visit.¬†My favorite place to hang and party was Dickson Street, and during football weekend it was not a place I ventured. Truth be told, this year during Razorback Baseball season I was invited by a friend to go to a game and it was the very first Razorback event I had EVER attended.

Now, between the BBB weekend and the football season, the economic engines are about to heat up for those that have an avenue to take advantage. This runs the gamut from folks who rent out their home, park cars and bikes, own businesses that cater to visitors, photographers like myself–anyone offering a service or product that visitors to these events can utilize.

Although I develop a roar in my ears for a few days around BBB, the benefits of this event are fabulous for my work. The two events I have attended have produced a wonderful collection of photos that will one day be a book or series of books or an exhibit. Whatever they turn into I am content to continue capturing those photos that can add special pics for my collection.

Those of you who have an avenue to cash in on this revenue stream, get ready. Find your earplugs and sit back and enjoy the show! Between the football season and BB&B, we are in for a rowdy ride. Take advantage of the opportunities; January and the drop in economic opportunities is just around the corner. And while I have your attention, check your attitude at the door; these events are loud and create some headaches but there are lots of interesting folks to meet and fun events to attend and money to be made.

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