The Never to Do List



Stress kills; so live life in peace or rest in peace…

A friend of mine confided in me that her life is so hectic that she has no time for herself. You can see the stress in her face. The time we spend together in our writer’s group every Monday is a haven for her, a place that is just hers. But even that gathering can be stressful, as it reminds her that she doesn’t have time to do the writing she really wants to do.

The discovery of the Never to Do List saved my sanity at a time when I really needed help in figuring out my priorities. A stressful time in my life, 2007 was filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Wondering how I would ever manage to handle the life built around a partnership of marriage, the uncertainty of living that life with all the responsibilities that were previously shared by two was like a huge mountain in my way.

That is when I discovered the Never to Do List. And the very first thing I put on top of that was To Do Lists. You know what I discovered? That everything that needed to be done got done and those things that would have been transferred every day to the next day’s list in my previous system were not so important.

Important things like appointments are kept on the calendar feature of my cell phone. Each appointment or event is put into this calendar and given enough time to allow me to prepare for it. For example, a student coming over to have a lesson in photography; I give myself three hours notice so that no matter where I am or what I am doing when that little alarm goes off, I have time to prepare. Each morning I look at my calendar to see what is happening in the day and then allow that system to alert me when it is time.

The process of tracking life’s to do’s is such a chore in itself that it would take up quite a bit of time either at the end of the day or the beginning of the next. So a dump load of guilt and angst was spread all over my night or morning, keeping me awake or starting my morning with stress.

Now, instead of starting my day or ending my day with seeing some huge made up list of things that Hercules and Super Woman could not have gotten done, I thank God for all he has blessed my life with. The wisdom to make good decisions, my family, the birds singing in the trees, the beautiful moon or sunrise. And those things that do not get done…it is amazing how life just goes along so smoothly without the fact of them screaming at me from a list.

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