Setting your goals…


The gentleman that requested a meeting with me to talk about my company this past Wednesday, asked me a question that solidified some things for the vision of my business.

He asked: “What is your goal with your company?”


It took me a moment to ponder the question but then it came out quite clearly what my goals were with Lee Guthrie Photography.

  1. Build up the income production of the company with the commercial work that does so well for the business;
  2. teaching–for money and as a volunteer;
  3. and pursuing my personal creative work–photo essays, photo books and writing.

Since that morning when those goals popped so easily out of my head, each job is and will be measured by this question: “Is this something that fits my goals?” This question is an important one in maintaining the strength of any business you create.

As you have read in my posts, I have drifted off into areas that have not been conducive to a good business for me and have pulled back. One was weddings. Enough said. The other was a brief foray into the business of managing a vacation rental property. That one was way off and I only investigated it due to a personal referral by a friend who knew I had taken care of my cousin’s condo while she was away.

Point being, without a specific goal or goals in your business you can get way off the path, miss the warning signs and actually expend energy that could be utilized better if kept in the areas you excel at.

Next time you have a prospective client or job presented for your consideration, look for the “no swimming” sign. It is usually that hesitant part of you that says, “This isn’t for you” and that gets ignored because we want to give everyone consideration. That’s ok. Consider the job, but make a clear decision based upon what you know are the goals of your company.

Then refer that person to someone who does do that kind of work. It is all about networking and utilizing the skills you have been gifted with. What is your goal or goals with your company? Defining those goals is a huge step in refining your company so that your work is productive and effective.


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