Symbols & Questions


Under the guise of a flag…

Our lives have become dictated by symbols. One symbol, the flag, is allowed to take the place of any real effort to remain a nation of equal individuals, held up as the truth of us when in fact we are not one nation undivided, but divided by our own wishes and desires and selfish agendas.

 If I were to ask you what you felt was needed to bring this world to a peaceful place, what would your answer be?

I have many answers to that question coming in from the back end by stating all those things that this world would be better off without. It is easy enough to say that a world without corrupt politicians, corporations intent upon their own profits even in the face of degradation of the earth and her people, people intent upon blaming others, not taking responsibility for our own lives, leaving it to others to do the work and taking on the job of complainer, would foster peace.

But that does not answer the question of what is needed to bring this world into a realm of peace.

One of my observations in life is that doctrine separates; whether the doctrine of religion, politics or philosophy, once a stance is taken division occurs.

So what options are out there when answers divide and questions leave us swirling about for answers?

Socrates asked: What was the point of asking that question? Huuuu


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