Old Instructions


Today is the day the book “My Journey With the Whirling Dervishes of America” is finally being uploaded to the printer. I had thought it would be a month ago but with decisions to make regarding end page color, box color, and even the color of the band that holds the pages to the spine, and paperwork to fill out and the holiday, it didn’t happen until today. For those that have not seen this link or have forgotten to pre-order, here is the link to the book: http://journeywiththewhirlingdervishes.com/?page_id=313

Reading the instructions, as I was uploading it of course, I saw the notation that an internet browser is incompatible and will not allow you to upload! Huh? Halfway through the upload (45 minutes) and I have to stop it. Looking further into the instructions I see how to upload as an FTP client on Filezilla. So I diligently follow the instructions and download Filezilla. But looking in the file directory it sees on my computer–no desktop where I had stored the file.

Finally, I call the man responsible for accepting and printing files for proofs and ask what I am doing wrong. He then informs me that he thinks I was sent old instructions. Sigh. So back to the browser upload which is now ongoing and scheduled to be complete in 40 minutes.

All my life I have heard people say that they don’t need instructions, usually men, and that any left over parts must be extra. I admit I am a scanner of instructions for things like instructions on uploading files and downloading applications. Because they are so familiar to me I just feel I can make my way through them faster than reading how to make my way through them.

By not reading the instructions on this upload I had instinctively done the right thing; halfway through I read the instructions and everything got stuffed up, as the Aussies like to say. So now back to waiting for the upload to complete on my browser.

But the good news is that in spite of the technical issues, the book is on its way! I feel like I have given birth.


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