How many of you readers out there count yourself as an Alpha? One who knows how to do so much and just expects others to follow their lead and do things their way?

Those of you who know me personally, know I’m one. I can’t say I’m proud of the fact but in fact, it is a fact.

As the days slide by at my new job, I have been learning at a super sonic speed the importance of allowing other folks’ gifts to manifest. It is┬ávery, very important to allow all those in your association, whether that is family, friends, co-workers or community, to have an equal opportunity to show how they can excel.

As a side note I would like to share something that shows that I am making some headway with this alphaness. And how important it is to show humility and not get your head up your butt and do something stupid, even if provoked by someone who was doing something completely stupid.

Last night, for about the 6th or 7th time over the past few months, the neighbor kids across the street (college kids) threw one of their extremely disruptive parties. At 1:00 a.m. the party began to break up, loud trucks roared up the street, party goers walking past my house to get in their cars and creating so much noise. At the time I really got upset even yelling at them out my window, much to their glee. Watching the cops walk up to their drive, not the first time the cops have arrived, and then after they leave the party goers continue their obnoxious ways and roar out of the driveway one after the other, got my blood pressure up a bit.

Lying there I thought, “I could steam about this all night and allow my body to keep me awake or just go to sleep.” Finally, I go to sleep. But the day at work was so much more difficult, with the lack of sleep making the day feel longer than it was.

So tonight, on the way home, I pulled into their driveway. There are two large houses down this long driveway, and cars parked all over. Obviously, the house is occupied by many people and I could see how a party could definitely get out of hand; beer cans were all over the yard. I knocked on each door and began talking to these very polite young men (yes ma’am, no ma’am) about the importance of my family, and families in the community, to get a good night’s sleep to prepare for school and work.

I said, “I wanted to show you the face of your neighbor, the one who suffers from your disruptive parties. I also wanted to alert you to the dangers you face with being charged with a crime if any one of the folks driving out of here in their drunken state kill or maim another on the road.” All three of the young men in both houses were extremely polite, and apologetic, displaying great humility in their responses.

Humility, on my part in approaching them with a smile and deep concern for their future, and theirs, responding with smiles and polite responses and apologies.

Not saying this is the last party I will be awakened by, but at least they have a face and at least I can now approach them again, in humility and kindness, if I need to again.

Reaching out, outside of the ego we usually have when injured, displaying the humility needed to really reach out with compassion and kindness–priceless.

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