Trying Something New


Go! You will have a blast!

Words spoken by a customer upon my comment that I was attending my first ever Razorback Football game that weekend. “The excitement, the energy, everyone focused on the same thing–it makes for a very good time, whatever your feelings about football.”

Meet the Three Amigos! Pre-game photo of the new folks in my life (yesterday marked one year since Larry (left in photo) and I first met) that I attended the game with. Since meeting Larry, football is an almost constant presence. Football has always been something playing in the background while I was doing something else. Anything else! Like…who the heck could possibly spend that many hours in front of a TV watching men in funny uniforms batter each other about? And go to a live game? NO WAY!

Well, I went. And It was really, really fun. There is something about being with a group of friends enjoying the same thing that really puts a good spin on an experience. It started out at the Alumni House for breakfast and then to the game and three hours of “Whoooo Piggggg Soooiee.”

I was born in Arkansas, and even worked at the University of Arkansas for several years; but a point of pride for me was I had not succumbed to Razorback Fever. Walking into that stadium was my first time ever to see it from the inside; it is hard to miss seeing it driving in that area but I had never stepped foot into the stadium. This past summer I attended my first ever Razorback Baseball game and loved it so figured it might very well work out the same with football.

Here is the kicker (no pun intended): when we were watching another game later (yes, another football game after an afternoon of football!), I actually objected to Larry changing the channel to watch the news before the end of the game. It was Notre Dame and Old Miss I believe. They had gone into overtime so many times and each team kept making weird mistakes and then some awesome moves, and I found myself unwilling to stop watching it!

Go figure.

The point of this short missive: learn to say yes to new experiences. My life has gotten so much better by learning to say Yes instead of No. There are still some things I say no to–like eating liver! That doesn’t mean that somethings said yes to remain in my menu of life but at least I had the experience and gained greatly from them. But, many of those experiences have greatly enriched my life.

There is also another element to this puzzle. By saying yes to something I would normally say no to, I was able to honor someone who has become such a huge part of my life. That is important.

So say yes, stop saying no, and see what comes from it. For instance, I did not know that a band director at the UofA was the first one ever to introduce the moves necessary to form a moving BIG A on the field!  You just never know what you will learn!


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