December 3, and 70+ degrees!


Fayetteville Square, all decked out in lights, drawing folks of all types, and it is 70 degrees!

Last night, my fella and I decided to check out the lights on the square in Fayetteville. Last year just after Thanksgiving (we had just met two weeks prior) a photo taken by his sister showed two folks very happy to know each other and enjoying the night out on the square, a night not much cooler in temperature than last night. That was the first time I had seen the square lit up; previous years when I visited it was before this event. My favorite tree last year was a large red one that reflected nicely in the bank windows across the street.

As we walked around I was looking for the red tree. Larry said he didn’t think it was red this year and I felt a ping of disappointment. Until…I turned the corner and saw it in green! 







Each corner we turned revealed more amazing color and happy folks enjoying the night out in the unusually balmy weather. There were street performers, camel rides, pony rides, cotton candy, and children’s faces all aglow–and grandparents and parents! Watching that small girl dancing to the music of the street band was such a joyous moment. Her grandmother to the left was taken in as well. And haven’t we all seen children dance, stare in awe at new sights, and yet each time it happens we are once again amazed.

As the December 21 date portrayed as the day the world shifts on its axis approaches, I am glad to see normal activity, people enjoying their lives, appreciating the respite from cold weather, and expressing the joy that this season should hold. My granddaughter struggles with this date coming up, having heard the talk in the halls of school of the coming dooms day. I remind her of Jesus’ words, “No man knows the day or the hour” and hope that when this date passes and all is well, she will learn that not everything portrayed as truth is real.

I will admit publicly that my anticipation of the holiday season this year, as in the previous four years but especially this year, was far from happy. I was still brooding this year, that whole bah humbug thing, until I started to decorate the Mill where I work. Something about being outside, arranging fake greenery and stringing lights snapped the joy button on. Not saying that I am happy that Christmas is being promoted like a season to save our economy, but I love the beauty of the season. And then I returned home Saturday night and found the Christmas tree up and glowing in our living room; and my grandson asked me to help him finish it off by putting up my box of ornaments the next morning. Seeing his joy and excitement as each ornament was unwrapped and the story retold of how it came about, made for a joyous morning.

I have to admit, I feel cheerier each time I see that tree, and realize that sometimes all it takes is a few colored lights to change your perspective. And, 70 degree weather on December 2!




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