Moments, so brief they flash by unnoticed

At a special gathering of women of a writer’s group I attend every Monday, I captured the above photo while whirling about the room. Being silly, not really serious about taking photos, only two photos of the evening captured my attention when I downloaded them. The one above is of one of the ladies that I am just beginning to get to know. She is an amazing writer who reads with a cadence that entrances the group. Being raised in one of the Carolinas, her accent combined with the way her sentences lift and flow pull us all into the stories, even those with horrific themes.

(For those of you who don’t know the meaning of cadence, as I did not but figured out listening to the usage, here is the definition.

cadence |ˈkādns| noun

1 a modulation or inflection of the voice : the measured cadences that he employed in the Senate. • such a modulation in reading aloud as implied by the structure and ordering of words and phrases in written text : the dry cadences of the essay. • a fall in pitch of the voice at the end of a phrase or sentence. • rhythm : the thumping cadence of the engines | try to vary your cadence during a run.)

My friend Mary Jean was the hostess of the evening, and standing behind her she did not see me watching her in the mirror. As a hostess she is unsurpassed. Even at this moment, I found out a few minutes later, she is not feeling well and has not been feeling well for an hour. But diligently she oversees the leaving of the group, gracious in her care in making sure all have their belongings and receive a personal goodbye and good wishes for the season.

There are moments like these in our lives every day. Moments of reflection caught so briefly, and moments captured that reflect who we are as human beings.

Some would argue that these moments caught are just the movement from one moment to the next and do not really reflect the real truth of the moment.

Knowing photography as I do, I would say on some level this is correct. Moments captured by a photographer are often sought out and designed to make the statement that particular photographer is seeking, whether for an essay or book or article. But for the most part, I believe that photos that capture those flashes of life that go unseen by the naked eye, many times do indeed reflect the truth. Looking at this photo I can see Mary Jean did indeed feel poorly but I had not recognized it at that time.

The photo at the top of the friend with the amazing cadence while reading, has shared some rather harrowing stories of her childhood. In looking at this photo I see that reflected now. Until I got to know her I would not have seen this photo as anything but a shift in position captured in a whirl about the room.

Keep this in mind when viewing photos of news stories. Really look at the photos. See the truth of a moment and see what is reflected within it.




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