No, not the kind that you dump from a can. Although, spammers seem to be able to easily dump the contents of their intrusions.


As a photographer, I am always looking for another viewpoint.

Spammers are always on the lookout for a host for their parasitic viewpoint.


For those of you who frequent my blog, I appreciate the time you spend reading those thoughts that I feel relevant to share on any particular day. And it is a random thing; I don’t wake up every day and race to my computer and push out any old information. My blogs come from a moment of inspiration: a photo that links up with something going on in my head at the moment or the sharing of a blessing for the season.

Spammers, on the other hand, are spoilers. People too lazy to create their own avenue to present their view or wares, they latch on like a leach and suck the beauty from your hard work. And they cost us money. I am fortunate to have a good resource to assist me with issues like these. When I cannot find the answer to a problem like the one presenting on my website currently (the trash on top of my pages), I call Scot Linton. Scot builds websites and is becoming quite the expert in Word Press. But his services are not free so this parasite lurking in the dark has this time probably cost me hard cash.

The same seems to hold true in all areas of life. Personal freedoms that have been hard earned by folks that appreciate them, are slowly being eroded away due to the spoilers, the parasites, the spammers. Laws are constantly being tweaked, added, voided or pushed through in crisis to deal with those folks that don’t care about the rights of others. The hard working, law abiding citizen must make their way through life buying insurance against theft and injury, identity theft, special protection against viruses and cookies, and they still get damaged.

Parasites that feel it is their right to use the lifeblood of hardworking folks and spoil it for their own profit, or maybe just perverse pleasure, can’t really be happy with their lives. Sure, they may profit in some way–pay their rent, buy their drugs and/or alcohol–but they can’t be happy. Maybe satisfied. Maybe pumped up. Maybe relieved. But not happy.

So every day I check my site, work with the experts to clean up the parasites’ mess, and buy more protection from the hosting site. And I am happy. These little spoilers, just like a parasite that can be killed with antibiotics, won’t spoil that. For my happiness does not come from what I build or create but from within, from the joy that knowing God loves me instills.

As you read this and if you can see the garbage currently residing at the top of my pages of this website, please excuse the mess this parasite has made, it will be cleared up soon. And for all you spammers out there, you need to get a life–one that benefits humanity instead of damages.

By the way, Happy New Year and so glad we have a new beginning instead of a 2% tilt of the earth’s axis! But of course, we knew it would not happen, didn’t we?


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