There is a beauty inside of us that we don’t see reflected in our bathroom mirror. Upon close inspection of ourselves we see all the lines, the nose that doesn’t quite fit in the spot we think it should, or the hair thinning on top that is only visible if we lean over or see a photo of ourselves from above. Or worse, how we have been told we look!

Time and time again I hear it: “I don’t take a good photograph.” My friend in the grass here, didn’t say it in words, but her body language did. She said, “I was nervous.” It was then that I said something that I had not verbalized before:

“It isn’t that people are not photogenic, it’s that most photos taken of us are taken by people who don’t know how to take a good photograph.” And I’m not talking about technically, although most folks seem to be clueless, but that they are so busy snapping that they ignore the subjects in the shot.

They snap us with our eyes half closed making us appearĀ inebriated, or halfway between a moment of concentration and a smile, or putting food in our mouths. Then they post them for all to see on Facebook or other social site! They do this with the intention of “sharing” special gatherings or familial milestones.

My friend, like most folks that come to me for headshots for business cards or book covers, was nervous of the outcome of the photos. How would the world see her for the many years her book would be in publication? You judge. This is my friend, standing in the last splendor of the dogwood tree at the Walton Arts Center. Seen in this photo the way all of us, her friends and family, see her, beautiful, and filled with a light that cannot fail to come out in a photo when taken by someone who cares for her.

Next time you see yourself in a photo that makes you look 10 years older than you are, or looking like you have just completed the NYC Marathon, don’t turn off from having your photo taken. Get your photo taken by a photographer who understands portraits, and then post that for all to see on Facebook, hang it on your wall, or frame it for your beau’s desk.

In today’s world of cameras attached to everything we have, and that mirror early in the a.m., it is good to have this reminder of how you really look!

Call me. A good portrait is a wonderful thing.





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