You Never Know…


what any one person will prefer.

At my recent show, “Reflections of a Moment”, these two photos were both on display. The photo above was taken during an extremely traumatic year, the year my marriage was breaking up. David Alan Harvey’s loft workshop in Brooklyn was extremely difficult to complete. The assignment was to find and capture 7-9 photos that told a story. At the end of each day of the first 3 days I came in with nothing that worked. On Wednesday, I followed my teacher’s advise and just went down the block instead of continuing with the story that I had been working on before.

However, at the show in January, it was barely talked about. Andrew, a fine photographer who graciously printed my show for me, even suggested this one be left out. But there was some compelling force that required it to be included. The most compelling reason was it represented a moment in time for me that was pivotal. It was capturing this one that broke the “spell” on me and kept me from failing to capture an essay and being the only one there that week that didn’t make the grade.

The photo below is just the opposite in its appeal. Since the day I captured it, early on in my relationship with the Mevlevi Order of America (Sufis/Whirling Dervishes), it has been a favorite. And it was a favorite of the show. It represents an amazing time to me as well–the beginning of my long-term relationship with a group of folks that changed my life.

I did not know how people would react to either of these photos at the time I took them, or what each of these photos would represent for me years later. I am just happy that they have made it this far.

So next time you feel you are the only one that loves a particular piece of your creative journey, don’t throw it away. There is a reason it is a favorite and one day it will be very clear why you created or captured the piece. It is this variety in life that makes it so spicy. What one person loves another one doesn’t. What’s important is what you love and what it means to you.



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