Ah Ha Moments


I said, “I’m not a post card shooter.” Later, I asked, “Why not?” And shot this!

You expect people to suppose stuff about you; after all, people that don’t know you well will fill in the blanks without knowing the facts–just draw a conclusion based upon what they do know.
Then you find yourself stating things about the who, what, when, where and how of yourself until one day you recognize that one of those things is not true.
You do shoot good landscapes, you will eat beans in a restaurant you trust, you would go back to Maui for a visit after enough time has passed, you will entrust your heart to someone again, and a beautiful scene can be captured by you and your camera.
Just as the seasons change, we change. And that moment when you recognize you are not what you believed before, that you have changed…ah ha moment.

Ah Ha!



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