Going Back…



Darn, I forgot to lock the deadbolt!

Driving over the bridge, I remembered that I had not locked the deadbolt on the Mill when I left. I had put the bolt and rod on but had forgotten the second line of defense, the deadbolt. As I was turning the car around, I saw the Mill in the most beautiful light. Since that first day I started working for War Eagle Mill, I have been waiting for that perfect light to capture a good photo.

There she was, with perfect tree shadows, the river up and flowing nicely over the dam, and the Blue Heron flying off low over the water. I didn’t capture the Blue Heron flying off (I will one day), but I finally have a photo I love of the Mill! I’ve captured other photos I love; gatherings, rainy bridge & green umbrella, and the Blue Heron fishing. But never the Mill. Now I have.

My friend Wes, who works with me at the Mill, and I were talking about paths we take and the timing of those travels. Each time something like this happens, like the capture of this photo I would not have taken if I had not forgotten to do something I was supposed to, I am thrilled. Wes feels like he is there at the Mill for more than just a job, that there are lessons he needs to learn to get to the next level in life, that God has plans for him that the Mill was there to prepare him to complete. I agree.

The lesson of this, to me that is, is to stop looking at life’s missteps as mistakes. That out of every mistake a blessing is there for the taking. Just look for it. Turn yourself and/or your car around and see what it was you missed that you needed to see or do. It is far better to look at life this way than be frustrated and angry because you think something is wrong with you because you made a mistake.

Think about it.

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