Beauty, Doom & Gloom


Our Side Yard, a View of a Spooky Nature,

in Almost a Snow Storm

For about the past week or so, each morning I have opened my eyes to the remainder of odd dreams floating around. A good part of it is related to work; inventory, product, customers’ requests. There has even been the typical dream of arriving at work in my slip (and I don’t even wear slips), trying to do inventory on products that have no labels and the jars are filled with a clear congealed substance.

Then the astroid that hit Siberia happened. Was that real? Seeing that video of the astroid put me in mind of the film starring Bruce Willis, Armageddon, where he and a group of oil drillers save the earth from an astroid that was on a trajectory of destruction. A story of a group of individuals with issues and shortcomings, being the ones that end up saving the earth from catastrophe.

The photo of our side yard again says to me that what you see isn’t always what you get. That snow storm looked dramatic and exciting and kind of scary in this photo, but a few hours later the sun was shining and the temperature was up in the high 40’s. But why this feeling of heaviness each morning before I even open my eyes? I have just opened my blinds so that at least some light can come in, albeit grey and fog filled. The weatherman says a storm with ice, snow and freezing rain is on the way. But that is just weather. It is February after all.

Maybe it is just the realization brought on by that astroid that hit Siberia, reminding me that at any moment we could no longer be a living being on this earth. But that really shouldn’t worry a person. Anyway, not the person that could be here one moment and gone the next. Those that are left behind have to deal with all the junky stuff that comes with losing a loved one. But the one leaving, they are free.

Each generation has had beauty, doom and gloom, happiness, health, wealth, sadness, poverty and sickness. Devastation has hit each generation in its own form; keeping us reminded that if we look at what we think we see instead of listen to what is the true nature of our existence, we will live in fear and trepidation.

Today I remember that and say, “I see the beauty, the truth of God’s love, and the promise of a good life. However it may end.”

But that astroid, wasn’t that the freakiest looking thing?


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