All in a week


The week started off with a going away party for a friend that I have known for only a few months. She appeared at the writer’s group gathering one Monday afternoon, and became a fixture in my life. Now she is leaving, moving back to her beloved California. She said last night that she was having some moments of doubt, that she was prone to impatience and maybe had not waited long enough to acclimate. Her life in California spanned several decades, and she has many reasons to go back. She will miss Arkansas she said, especially her writer friends.

Next came the snow. The party was on a Monday afternoon, and the following Wednesday we experienced the most beautiful snow. As I lay in bed, I watched the snow fall and collect on the road that you see here. This is the view from my bedroom, and since moving to Fayetteville in the summer of 2011, there have been many changing seasons and weather conditions watched from the safety of my bed. The kids were sent home early from school but the forecasted freezing rain and more snow did not materialize.

Within a few days I was driving back to work on a chilly but beautiful sunny day, and just before I arrived at the Mill spied two Hawks in a tree. By the time I got my camera out of the trunk (I know, the trunk?), one had flown off. A photo of a hawk in a tree is boring in my mind; two hawks sitting side by side, a good one. However, I missed it and was left with the photo of one hawk in one tree that will not be published anywhere but for blogging purposes today.

Each photo, snapshot if you will, of a moment in a day in a week, holds many stories and moments that were no doubt significant but yet failed to make it onto the page of this blog. These snapshots help me to remember the week, and the details remain in my memory.

Yesterday my friend Mary asked me to stop by her house after work, that she had something for me. It was a beautiful bowl she had bought years ago in China. She wanted me to have it to remember her by. The snow photo holds memories of snows of my childhood in Arkansas. The Hawks remind me of all the animal adventures I have experienced since my employment at the Mill, my drive to and from work taking me through wooded and rural areas. A bobcat I thought at first was the largest cat I had ever seen running along the road and disappearing over a hill; the doe dancing in the pasture as I waited on the road for her to decide what she wanted to do, which was to run out in front of me; the dead fawn with at least 20¬†Vultures¬†feeding on it–defiantly standing their ground but finally flying away; the Owl flying up out of a ravine on a dark night and into my car, doing a somersault over the top and landing in the middle of the road, finally gaining his senses and flying off as I waited.

What a wonderful life I am blessed with. And spring is just around the corner. The birds are confused and some are beginning the process of building nests and great flocks of mixed birds fly across the road as I drive. When I see beautiful photos of very familiar places from Maui, where I lived for 21 years, I sometimes get a homesick yearning. But only for a moment; because what I have gained moving back to my beloved Arkansas helps me to quickly get past those feelings.

Arkansas. Oh what each week offers!


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