Spring! In like a Lion out like a Lamb?


The wonders of this world. Out of the smallest patches of earth, comes beauty.

I’m home today, only my second day of work missed since I began working for the Mill last July. My first day was day before yesterday. Home with a cold the first day, today it is with a cold and topped off with┬álaryngitis. Looking out my window at the grey skies, the thunder and lightning done but rain falling steadily, I realize this is the 9th day of Spring.

About a week ago I was driving down a side street in town, and was stunned by the sight of a beautiful tree, huge and in full pink bloom. Spring is here even though the cold temperatures and snow of last week have tried to keep it at bay.

Soon we will be into Summer and complaining about the heat. But for now, Spring has sprung and in a couple of weeks will be in full bloom. Thoughts of gardens, swim suits (my granddaughter is already thinking of shopping for one), and longer days fill our heads. The kids are counting the weeks (6) till school is out for summer.

The seasons capture my full attention since returning to Arkansas almost two years ago. Maui has two seasons, warm and slightly warmer. The seasons help to mark the year, to set landmarks on events, and my wardrobe consists of more than slippers and shorts.

Spring, in like a Lion, hopefully out like a Lamb. Happy Good Friday, and thanks to the Lamb for all He gave. Without Him I would be lost.

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