Tawny Yellow Lioness


I had a dream the other night featuring the tawny yellow in last night’s post-storm sky. I was standing in a dark room looking through a doorway, watching a very large lioness being tugged on by someone on the other end of a leash. The color of her coat stood out against the wall color, vivid and healthy looking. After much tugging and no result, a woman appears in the frame of the doorway and talks to the lioness, urging her to get up and follow her. The lioness looked at me and with a look that seemed to say, “Well, if this is really what you want…”, got up and followed the woman out of the frame of the doorway. It was obvious the lioness killed the woman, even without me witnessing the event.

Throughout my life many dreams stuck with me. At one point I began a dream journal; for about six months I wrote down every dream that I could remember. From the strange to the boring, these dreams remain in my collection of diaries to be reviewed on occasion to determine if any one of them actually was a portend to something in my future. So far nada. But other dreams have been very literal in their meaning. The first home we built in Maui we planted three signature trees; one in the side yard and two in front of our fence between the sidewalk and the roadway. Signature Trees have root systems that snake across yards and under sidewalks, destroying lawns, drawing moisture from other plants and cracking concrete. They get they name from children writing messages on their broad leaves and the leaves remaining for a long time without dying. We sold the house and one morning I woke up with a very vivid dream about those trees being ripped from the ground leaving gashes running through the yard. I drove over to the house later and that was exactly what had occurred.

Other dreams, two in particular that stand out, warned me of events about to occur, preparing me emotionally and giving me the strength to walk through it without the upheaval that comes when we are taken by surprise by events. With this knowledge about dreams that remain with you after you wake for weeks, months and even years, I have been pondering this dream of the lioness. Upon initial consideration, the obvious conclusion is that I’m trying to force something to happen that doesn’t need to, that in fact will backfire, or worse, do damage. There are several areas in my life that this could apply to; from my work to my family to my relationship with my boyfriend. And there were a couple of areas, one in particular concerning my home life, that this dream was about.

Dreams can reveal stress, you are being too pushy, or a situation needs your attention. A dream I had a few nights ago was about work. One of those ‘can’t find your homework’ dreams. I couldn’t find the light switches, the tourists weren’t coming in, then a giant rockslide occurred and for some reason I knew we would have more business because of the disaster. Ending with the oddest scene where an employee walked by another employee who is highly gluten intolerant and tossed flour all over her, prompting me to scream “YOU’RE FIRED!” This dream was all about stress and reminding me that calmness and order are necessary if a business is to be successful.

Dreams are important; pay attention to them. They are cheaper than a therapist! Or divorce attorney!



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