Riding in the Passenger Seat


It is nice to have a driver; riding in the passenger seat reveals things before unseen.

The lovely man driving my car in this photo has introduced me to a whole new world; the view from the passenger seat, for one. After decades of being the designated driver, I now have a fellow traveler who wants to drive.

This photo represents more to me than sights I miss while driving and only revealed while riding in the passenger seat; it points out new vistas in the arena of love.

When you say you love someone, how far does that love go? When you see that person you love (family, husband, child, boyfriend/girlfriend), do you see them with limits? Do you only love them up to a point? Do you have a line that if breached you no longer love them? How far are you willing to walk that journey of love with a loved one?

We say “love you” so many times in a lifetime. I remember the first time I said it to Larry, the man in the photo above. It was barely a week into our relationship, and as I got out of the truck I said “love you”, then made a beeline to my front door, embarrassed that I had slipped and said something out of habit that I didn’t mean at that point. Now I mean it.┬áLove is a good habit; the caveat to that is not to use the term casually. Love is something that is heartfelt; implications from the declaration are vast.

The view of love for me has altered greatly since I have changed passenger seats in life. Before, married 24 years, it was taken for granted; now, I see relationships of love cannot be taken for granted. Love must include the other person, not one that is dreamed up or imposed on them. Just as we as loved by others change and grow, so do those we love.

So what does having a different view from the passenger seat have to do with love, unconditional or otherwise?┬áLove isn’t about being in the driver’s seat. So sit in the passenger seat and enjoy a whole new view; it is the only way love can truly grow.

Yesterday, while driving, I heard a song that talked about God’s love of us. It struck me that if God could still love me after all I’ve put him through how could I possibly put limits on anyone that I declared to love. Think about it.



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