Looking at life through rose colored glasses..


Hay Bale 1

“It means someone is idealistic and don’t see reality for what it is, they see the world as good and perfect which is very unrealistic.” Random google.com result for “Looking at life through rose colored glasses.”

My current favorite pair of sunglasses is a pair of Maui Jims with rose colored lenses. The effect on my surroundings is low key, not too much pink but just enough to make it a really nice tour of the countryside to and from work. My commute takes about 35 minutes, down country highways and county roads.

Each day I see something different; wildlife and scenic views that sometimes take my breath away. Like this scene above; for several days I traveled past it marveling at the golden hay rolled up in the soft green fields. Stopping one day I captured it with my Canon; and I placed my rose colored glasses in front of the lens. The above photo is the result. I love the look but it isn’t the view I see everyday–the lens exaggerated the rose coloring.

The photo below is how the scene looks through the lens without the rose filter. Both are beautiful. Hay 2

The point being? So what if you look at life through rose colored lenses. Life is to be enjoyed; to view it in its best light and color.

Otherwise, what is the point? Am I being unrealistic to always look for the good in life? I say no. I say those that are always looking for the worst in life are unrealistic.

Buy you a pair of rose colored glasses and travel down the roads of your home town. Let your glasses show you the beauty that is really there, the life that is meant to be lived. Then live it as though you are wearing them all the time!




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