A Sporting Life with Food



TroutI had heard of Roaring River off and on since arriving back in Arkansas and last week on a day off my boyfriend Larry and I took a drive out to see it. I read on the website that they released fish every day, stocking the river with trout. What I did not expect to see was several narrow canals filled to the brim with trout swarming over each other. The water was so thick with trout that in the photo I took of one of the canals the fish are almost indistinguishable from one another. And of course there were the casualties, floaters gasping for oxygen, slowly giving up their life. No photos, please.


Trout3Then we got to nirvana, the place that when a fish makes it here they are safe. The mouth of the cave where the spring surfaces and creates the beginning of the river. An immense beautiful blue clear pool, with overhanging ledges, dripping water and ferns, And swimming in this area were the ones that had made it; fat and lazily swimming, and yet…not quite trout like.

This is one of the solutions to help folks feed themselves that someone came up with. To give people a place to come and fish for a sure bet; you will go home with fish even if you are a lousy fisherperson. It is impossible not to catch them. Trout 4

I was listening to NPR on the way home yesterday, and they were interviewing folks who believed that insects were the next perfect way to feed people. Almost two billion people already eat insects as a daily part of their diet. They even had sound bites of people crunching on crickets and katydids and red dragonflies–feedback: crickets kind of yucky but red dragonflies tasted like, no not chicken, shrimp in garlic butter!

In theory it sounds like a good idea to eat grasshoppers; well, not good–insects do not appeal to me. As one person on NPR said, two cash crops instead of one. Pick your veggies and pick your protein–those visitors that try to eat your veggies. They are enthusiastic and passionate about their beliefs. And as they load their freezers with the insect catch of the day, it only takes an hour for the insects to die in the freezer, they write their recipes and proposals of yet another almost certainly best way to feed the world’s hungry folks.

I wonder what sports equipment will evolve out of this new food source? Specialty nets for catching those beautify red dragonflies that have such a wonderful flavor? Bug jars that allow kids to help their parents catch supper? Oh, and don’t forget fish bait!

Life, just one big sporting event, and always with food!




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