Yesterday, on my drive home from work, I turned around in a driveway to go back and look at a house that was for rent not far from work. In front of the house where I turned around was a bed of large bent over sunflowers. Loaded down with their bounty, they could no longer hold their heads up to the sun.

Sunflowers have fascinated me since I was a kid. How that little plant poking its way through the soil, could grow to the giant plant loaded with seeds that are loved by both humans and the birds and other animals that feast on them.

Life is like a sunflower. Starting out so small and innocent, growing to maturity, producing a life, carrying a burden at times, and eventually fading away. But in the meantime, we flourish, shine in the sun, give of ourselves, receive nourishment, shine forth in beauty, and make our world a better place.

Nothing more than that today; just wanted to share the beauty of sunflowers.


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